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COW is a 4-week challenging summer educational enrichment program at the Virginia Military Institute (VMI), which prepares male minority high school rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors to achieve success during the remainder of their high school careers and beyond. This is done by cultivating confidence, greater self-esteem, a stronger work ethic, and a commitment to achieving success in spite of the many challenges facing them. Students are also encouraged to seek higher education at the college of their choice, and the program helps prepare them for the varied demands of the college experience. Being integrated into the college environment and associating with college professors and students exposes these young men to a world of new possibilities.


COW through the years...


We were founded in 1985 and initiated in 1987 by Gene Williams (VMI 1974), Tom Wright (VMI 1954), Clark King, Hart Slater, and other notable supporters in the VMI family.


How do COW participants succeed?

What a COW participant receives during our program


Math, Communications, Financial Literacy, and Career Exploration classes are taught by experienced faculty and professionals.


An integral part of the program is learning invaluable life skills like time management, goal setting, & networking.


All participants receive one on one and group coaching, which continues after participants graduate.


Participants are exposed to visits to other universities, museums, and artistic presentations to expand their horizons.


"I am humbled to be in this position. Seems like yesterday when I was with my fellow COW teammates - it was crucible for all of us. As such, COW has set conditions for student success for nearly four decades."

Brig. Gen. Kendall Clarke

'89 & '90 COW Grad

'95 VMI Grad

"From participating in COW, I have learned how to be a better leader and the importance of teamwork."

Kevin J.

'19 COW Grad

"I have grown in many ways because of COW. I have grown physically, mentally, and has strengthened my sense of character."

Isir C.

'19 COW Grad

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