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VMI’s College Orientation Workshop brings students to new heights

LEXINGTON, Va. (WDBJ) - Students are facing their fear of heights on Friday while walking on logs and ropes at the College Orientation Workshop's (C.O.W) educational program.

“They can’t just freak out and expect the world to accept them giving less than their best,” says Founder and Executive Director of C.O.W, Eugene Williams. “They need to operate when efficiency and excellency when they are mad, tired and sad.”

Williams says the High-Altitude Activity will teach them to trust and overcome mental challenges. “Today is the scared part when we put them in a position when they are out of their comfort zone and they scared but then they still have to produce,” added Williams.

C.O.W’s mission is to cultivate confidence, greater self-esteem, and commitment to achieving success despite the many challenges that they face.

There are 31 students in the program this year across ten states.

“The program is helping me because I’m not really a social person but, in this program, it made me open up more and become more social.” says student, Kobe Deguzman.

“There are all kinds of guys like me, from different backgrounds struggling, and in this one, it helps you push past all the struggles and see more in you than what you see in yourself.” explained student, Anthony Gonzalez.

Kevin Jackson was a student in the program back in the summer of 2019, he says coming back was always a goal in mind.

“I valued the program when I was here. It really made a difference for me coming back on the other side of the spectrum,” explained Jackson. “It was a blessing honestly, when I got asked to do it. It solidified a piece of me that always had, to give back as much as possible.”

Jackson is a senior in college majoring in creative writing with a minor in history.

“I never had the confidence to fully express it, so coming to this program helped me blossom my senior year of high school and fully dive into my artistic abilities and my writing abilities and go into that with more depth and more passion,” stated Jackson.

C.O.W continues to help prepare them for the various demands of the college experience.

Leaders say this is their 37th year in the enrichment educational program and plan to continue in the years to come.

For more information on how to apply, click here.

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